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Quality comes from experience.

Living Water Aquariums, Inc. is known for its professional, thorough and cost-efficient solutions. We come recommended by a growing number of customers from both the private and commercial sectors.

Some of our commercial customers include:

  • People’s United Bank
  • Partner’s Healthcare Systems
  • Harvard Vanguard
  • Personal households

What our customers say about our work:

“Living Water Aquariums has been great.”

Have you had a great experience?

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One comment on “Quality comes from experience.

  1. We were pleased to have a New addition to our pediatric medical office and this fish tank is awesome! The patient’s of all ages love it (even the older patient’s from different departments come by to visit and enjoy the view of the tank. We have a nice variety of fish who are very “friendly” and engaging when you approach the tank. Also, we’ve had the excitement to witness a fish become pregnant and deliver 2 adorable babies! Our little “Nemo’s” as we call them. Don is very very knowledgable of the fish and the tank and will answer any questions you might have. It’s very interesting to learn about the different species and even the kids will ask him questions when he’s here cleaning the tank. The tank is tastefully decorated with lots of texture and colors, plants, rocks, coral, etc. One of our “Pleco’s” (sucker fish) loves to hide in one of the ‘caves’ in the tank. Don is easily reached if there is a problem or question and I would highly recommend Living Water Aquariums to anyone, both personally and professionally! The fish tank is a HUGE hit at the office and we love it!

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